Seastar Community Acupuncture

Opened 2008

Closed 2017

Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials

“In March of 2010 I walked into Seastar a shadow of my former self. Previously a gigong teacher and martial artist, I had fallen into a state of dis-ease on all levels. I became a patient at Seastar, and soon after, a volunteer. After a little over two years of weekly treatment and receptionist shifts my life is nearly the opposite of what it had been when I started. I have gone from being chronically ill, clinically depressed and trapped in a toxic relationship to physically active, psychologically sound, spiritually growing- and happily married to someone who loves me and supports my goals. Thank you, Catherine, for your insightful care. You’ve helped me to change my life!”  KD

“Community acupuncture is fabulous. Relaxing atmosphere, unpretentious. Great treatment for all issues, but specializes in pregnancy. Sliding scale is fabulous for those on a limited budget.”  SH

“Catherine is a wonderful, intuitive healer who helped me a lot during my pregnancy. I highly recommend!”

“Catherine is a marvelous, sensitive acupuncturist who has helped me overcome an intense fear of needles to get my acupuncture done, after it was recommended by my midwives in order to help with cervical ripening in the last month of pregnancy. She is always responsive to what level of treatment I am comfortable receiving on a given day. Highly recommend!”

“Catherine Lowe is a compassionate practitioner and has helped many of my midwifery clients with their pregnancy concerns.” SM



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